NBA Playoff Prognostication Goodness

You’ve waited for this all season, and it’s finally arrived: IntrinsicBent’s solid lock NBA playoff picks.

I, like you, am extremely disappointed that there are no fancy graphics like were present for the MLB picks, but that is a responsibility of our intern KnowledgeDroppings, and frankly, we can’t depend on him. For the umpteenth time, if you know someone looking to break into online sports journalism……………………………………… I’m just sayin’………please help. The only requisites are to be able to lob the talent here meaningful topics and work a dang blender. Sheesh………..

It’s so easy, a caveman could do it.

As you know my lil Frappies, Uncle Intrinsic breaks down the action round by round with genius style, insight, and accuracy. And again this year, after the action has already started. This is a degree of difficulty I place myself under where I have the temptation to base my choices on what I’ve seen, instead of what I know.

What I really wanted to do was do one of those videos that ESPN is running where you see half of my face and half of BiCoastal’s face together as one head talking about what it takes to make picks. Problem is they couldn’t get my massive cerebellum holding forehead to matchup with his.

So here we go anyway………………..

Eastern (D-League) Conference

Celtics v. Hawks – Easiest to pick out of all the matchups. Hawks should have to bring the juice boxes and orange halves with the record they got in with.

Celtics in 4. ‘Nuff Said.

Pistons v. Sixers – In the East this pick makes me the most nervous. Simply because of the Flip Saunders factor. Usually I don’t buy the emphasis placed on coaching, but I’m a believer on this one.

Nonetheless, you have a veteran team with many hours of playoff time logged. Conversely you have a Sixers team that is trying make their way up the ladder.

Pistons in 6. Stamp It.

Magic v. Raptors – Two awesome youngs teams with much promise in the future if they can stay together and stay away from injury. Playing in a weak Conference gives them big boy experience in the show that hopefully they take serious and learn from.

I love that Stan Van Gundy is in the playoffs after the jobbing he received by Pat Riley. I hope he does well, and see no reason why he should not make it to the second round.

Magic in 6. Believe It.

Western (Domination) Conference

Lakers v. Nuggets – All DUI references aside, this matchup won’t be the sweep that most pundits put it off as. The result will be the same, but look for the Nuggs to get a couple of games.

Lakers in 6. Know It.

Rockets v. Jazz – This is the true test of how meaningful the Rockets’ streak earlier in the season was. It propelled them into this position, but can Tracy McGrady and company get out of the first round? I think reality catches up and Carlos Boozer becomes the player he has been reported he would become. Kirilenko will need to represent.

Jazz in 6. Mark It.

Hornets v. Mavericks – This is the truest of litmus tests for both of these franchises. Are the Hornets the new contending team on the block? Will the Mavericks get the job done before their time runs out?

No, and well, no. This should be a great series, but I think the Hornets’ youth, even coupled with playoff inexperience will outlast the Mavericks.

Hornets in 7. You can probably say goodbye to Avery.

Spurs v. Suns – This is the richest matchup in the first round. And maybe the playoffs, if the Lakers and Celtics don’t ultimately matchup.

You have a heated rivalry that our Traveler touched on this week. What he didn’t report on is the intense dislike and drama that last year’s playoff series between these teams produced. You had Bruce Bowen going Rocky Balboa on poor little Stevie Nash’s beak. And then later Robert Horry trying to do a jump in and paying the price for it.

Bloodshed, war of words, suspensions………what’s not to like in this reality television drama? You have to go through the Spurs to be champions at this point. I’ve counted them out the past two seasons, but no more.

I have the Spurs in 7. And Suns Coach Mike D’Antoni probably paying the price for it. Belee Dat.


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