I Pick Vick

Apparently, Michael Vick is still playing a little football while he serves his prison sentence in Leavenworth, Kansas for dog fighting.  That’s right, the dog fighter is playing QB in the big house’s flag  football games.

Which got me thinking: how unfair is it if you are the team captain who has to pick second?  I mean, shouldn’t you get 20 picks before the other team gets to pick their 2nd player?  I guess that’s why Vick is playing all-time QB in the pickup games that are going on in the clink, similar to when the 9th grader would join in on the 7th graders game back in middle school.  Otherwise, the team Vick played for would be up 42 to 0 before the regular prison yard stabbing occurred.  
Unfortunately, this may be  a sign that Michael Vick is going to do everything he can to return to the NFL once this period of his life is over.  He’s playing QB right now in the pokey to keep his arm in shape while he counts the days until his release from the joint.  What’s worse: someone is bound to take a chance on him.  I mean, if the Cowboys are willing to consider taking PacMan Jones off the hands of the Titans, don’t you think the Raiders will be willing to sign Vick to a league minimum salary to take advantage of his newly acquired Mid-West Slammer Offense?  I heard it involves a lot of tucking and running the ball yourself and touchdown celebrations involving a shiv made out of plastic utensils.  

3 thoughts on “I Pick Vick

  1. First of all – of course someone will take a chance on Vick. But secondly, why is this so unfortunate? After he does his time, I say let him play some more football. Did you join PETA recently or something?


  2. Vick is far more troubled than simply being a dog fighter. I suppose you are right, in that this isn’t so much unfortunate after he has does his time. But if some of his off the field troubles continue (i.e. drugs) after a team takes a chance on him, they are simply going to let it continue in exchange for offensive production, that is, if he is performing well.


  3. I’d hate to be playing wideout and fail to lay out to pull in one of his bullet passes. Water and Electricity still don’t mix. A friend of my cousins, is a guard at the big house, (neither right or left guard) Anyway he said on Fridays Ron Mexico is qb of the Shirts team.


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