Memphis Beats UCLA

I just watched Memphis destroy UCLA in the first Final Four game. My wife disagrees with me, but didn’t it seem like Memphis was a varsity team playing against a very good J.V. team? When it came to skill, it’s not like Memphis was that superior, but it came down to the fact that Memphis was just so big and knew how to use their physical advantage.

I’m already tired of hearing Memphis talk about how “under-appreciated” they are, and I’m sure there’s much more to come between now and Monday night’s final. I’ll admit that being from a smaller conference means the national sports world doesn’t know your team nearly as well. But come on, your team was ranked number one in the nation for a good chunk of the season and you earned a number one seed in the tournament. If you want to use it as motivation in the locker room, that’s your business, but spare the rest of us your complaints about how we don’t love you as much as we should.

Really looking forward to the UNC vs. Kansas match up. I think either of these two teams will make a better game against Memphis than UCLA did, though they will still have a size problem.


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