The Final Four is here, enjoy it

Forget about your bracket for a minute, this Final Four is going to be a real treat. So what if the office secretary is winning your pool because she picked all the number one seeds? Face it, she wins every year, and every year you come up with a new excuse so that you can still look yourself in the mirror.

These are four teams who earned their number one seeds throughout the regular season, and have retained that focus all the way through the tournament. As a college basketball fan, you’ve earned the right to watch the three amazing basketball games in store for us this weekend. Yes, you spent many wasted hours researching your upsets, only to see the ones you didn’t pick happen. Let college basketball repay you . . . figuratively (no, you can’t get your office pool entry fee back).

First up on Saturday is UCLA vs. Memphis. Memphis impressed the world last week by physically dominating Texas. UCLA has always been well known for their defense, but Memphis might have the physical edge. I still think that UCLA’s depth and experience will put them over the hump, but that’s just a gut decision.

Following is Kansas vs. UNC. These are two teams where the talent runs incredibly deep. I’m sure the network will make it sounds like this game is interesting primarily for the Roy Williams connection, but that hardly has anything to do with it. The Jayhawks are definitely Bill Self’s team, which might eventually be their undoing. Expect lots of speed, the offenses will probably look frenzied at times. Both of these teams love to turn steals into fast breaks. My guess is that UNC will win, simply because Williams is a better coach than Self (this statement is a dagger into the hearts of Jayhawk fans, I know, the truth hurts).

As for the final, it doesn’t matter who gets there, it’s guaranteed to be the best game of the season. And just think, the girl who won your office pool probably won’t even watch it.


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