Don’t Forget About the Suns

For a while, the Frappe was running an on going feature on Shaq and the Suns called “Shaq Under a Microscope” headed up by IntrinsicBent himself.  Unfortunately, the focus on Shaq and the Suns somehow fell through the cracks and little recognition has been given to the Suns and the Shaq experiment since the beginning of March.  Well, after last night’s performance by the Suns against the Nuggets, I felt like the silence had to be broken.

Last night, the Nuggets scored an incredible 70 points in the first half and headed into the locker room with a commanding 19 points lead over the Suns.   But the Suns fought back, scoring 81 points in the second half and ended up winning by 15.  The second half surge was lead by Amare Stoudemire who finished with 41 points and grabbed 14 boards.  Right behind him was Steve Nash who scored 36 points with 8 assists, and then Shaquille O’Neal with 20 points and 12 rebounds.  
What’s more important to note is that this now places the Suns a game back from the first place Hornets among the tight Western Conference which has six teams within 2 and a half games of one another.  
Now, I know it’s usually SubversiveTheory‘s “thing” to present potentially outlandish ideas that contain conspiracy theories and alien sightings, but I can’t help but take this one since he hasn’t come out from his underground bunker in over two weeks and refuses to link his computer to the Internet since “they” might hack into his system and delete his files.  You see, I’m just not so sure that “Shaq Under a Microscope” fell out of publication by accident.  I can’t help but wonder if Intrinsic’s lack of interest in the now rising Suns (which Shaq deserves some credit for) is somehow directly related to the fact that the Suns are now tied with the LA Lakers, Intrinsic’s favorite team.  Could it be he’s been hushed by his fellow Laker homers?  Or is he just too afraid to admit Shaq has some talent left in the tank, some of which could have helped the Lakers win a few more rings?
Perhaps we should have a different Shaq feature, one that I will take on as my duty to you Frappe-heads:  

Shaq Under a Macro-Scope
Laker’s Championship Seasons with Shaq: 3 of 8 Seasons
Laker’s Championship Seasons without Shaq : 0 of 3 Seasons
Shaq’s Championship Seasons Post-LA: 1 of 3 Seasons 
This is an ongoing feature chronicling the Lakers and Shaquille O’Neal after they traded him away in 2004.

One thought on “Don’t Forget About the Suns

  1. It is amazing that the Suns have re-invented themselves so quickly and appear to be running smoothly with Shaq. This also gives them an element of surprise come playoff time since it’s hard to pinpoint what this Suns’ offense will look like from week to week.


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