New Beginnings

Baseball fans across the country are breaking out their hats, jerseys, and gloves today as they head out to their home team’s ballpark to witness their team’s first (or 2nd) regular season game for the 2008 MLB season. For some fans, this is the beginning of something special, and for others, its the beginning of a horribly tumultuous season filled with injuries and errors.

Nonetheless, everyone is experiencing the beginning of a different kind. A beginning so monumental that it should be recognized as the beginning of an era, that is, the beginning of the Bonds-less era. As I have vocalized before, I’m not a fan of Barry Bonds for a variety of reasons. And now that I can watch baseball without having to be updated on the latest Bonds’ rant or pathetic homerun trot, I feel that a weight has been lifted from shoulders. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. The Giants or also looking forward to an era in which they don’t have to mess with this slugging prima-donna as they have publicly said they will not be resigning the 43 left-fielder.

But the Giants organization isn’t willing to leave it at not signing the dude. They don’t even want to be reminded that he once played there. According to several news reports, AT&T Park no longer contains any references or markings that would help any fan remember that Bonds had played for the Giants for the last 15 years. In fact, there isn’t even a plaque commemorating Bonds’ record breaking homerun that he slugged last year at home. The walls are clean, the banners are long gone, and Bonds is now simply a ghost to the San Francisco Giants as they gear up for a “rebuilding year.” For all those who care to remember him, they are going to have to hold on to their jerseys and baseball cards, because this new beginning isn’t looking back.

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