MLB 2008 Preview

BiCoastal Bias here, coming at you with three thoughts about the upcoming MLB season (which already started in Tokyo, but whatever).

1. The AL east might be the best division – ever. This division has an upper echelon (Boston and New York) and a middle class (Toronto and Tampa). The middle class will still compete well with any team in the American League, and all four of them will beat up on Baltimore. The problem is that it takes a lot to get a playoff spot in the AL.

2. The Rockies will find that it’s even harder to get back to the World Series. Don’t get me wrong, this team is legit and will be fighting for playoff spots for years to come. But just to make the playoffs last year took an incredible combination of luck and grit. They might find it hard to avoid a letdown this year, and they can only afford so much before they’re on the outside looking in. But it could be worse, they could be the Brewers . . .

3. Can the Brewers correct what went wrong? I can only imagine the toll that last year’s collapse took on their young players’ confidences. They’ve got enough talent, but they need some experience when it comes to finishing a season strong. The experience they had last year will only serve to plant some doubts when things get difficult this year. Last year had the potential to be a huge step forward for this franchise, but I think it ended up being a step back.

Look to the Sports Frappe team to provide you more on what to expect from this season.


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