Revisiting some NCAA predictions

Let’s revisit my post predictions from one week ago:

Biggest First Round Upset:
So St. Joseph’s didn’t beat Oklahoma, and not only was there a 5-12 upset, there were two of them, complemented by two 4-13 upsets; making this tournament odd simply for having two 12-13 games in the second round. This tournament didn’t have any more upsets than most, it’s just that the upsets that did happen all happened in the same brackets, making for some strange math.

Sweet Sixteen Crasher(s):
I feel a little bit better knowing that Butler at least took Tennessee to overtime. I was way off with USC – Kansas St. looked great against them in the first round, then looked ready to implode against Wisconsin. While I had Davidson getting by Gonzaga, I definitely didn’t have them beating Georgetown; and of course no one imagined two 12-seeds would get into the Sweet 16 by beating thirteen seeds . . . So let’s just disqualify this category, shall we?

Final Four:
Still alive!!! UNC, Kansas, Texas, UCLA. Nothing wrong with playing it safe.

3rd Round Predictions:
I’ve got Louisville beating Tennessee, and because I believe in the philosophy that when a bet fails, try it again, I’m picking both Wisconsin and Xavier to go down.


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