Cabrera Cashes In

Just because March Madness is producing some of the most thrilling games that we have all seen since the Super Bowl doesn’t mean we need to ignore the fact that the MLB season starts in less than 9 days.  So MoneyMouth is here to keep you filled in on the latest, today being Miguel Cabrera cashing in.

Miguel Cabrera will reportedly be signing an 8 year, 153.3 million dollar extension with the Tigers this week making him hold the fourth richest contract in baseball history.  While the Tigers have to be happy that they just locked up their newest acquisition to a long-term deal (the boy is only 24), I’m assuming they must be a little uneasy at the same time.  Contract years are traditionally big statistical years for baseball players as they fight to make their market value rise on the edge of free-agency.  The Tigers have effectively cut out the possibility of Cabrera making a huge splash and then leaving the team for the highest bidder, but they have also cut out his since of urgency.  Granted, Cabrera has shown that he was serious about this season from the start by hitting the gym and losing some serious poundage.  But as IntrinsicBent knows all too well, losing and gaining weight doesn’t take very much effort.  Only time will tell if Cabrera will be able stay motivated and earn his huge contract.  But if I were the Tigers, I’d make sure to slip a weight incentive/condition into that extension just to make sure he doesn’t balloon up like Violet Beauregarde. 

Honestly, I’m sure Cabrera will be just fine and will continue to be an amazing offensive force in the Tigers lineup.  Just keep the boy away from the Krispy Kremes to be safe.


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