The Pulse Of Arizona And New Mexico

Started out the week in Tucson Arizona where the feel of media printed and audio seemed to be abject disbelief that Arizona State did not make it to the big dance that is the NCAA Tournament.

I was in Tucson where they didn’t seem to care much since, after all, they made it in.

I heard a sports talk radio interview with Phoenix Suns GM Steve Kerr who was riding the crest of the Shaq filled Suns finally stringing some wins together. He is also an Arizona alum and gave his input on their chances, which shock of all shocks, was that their prospects were good.

The funniest line he had was when conversation went back to the Suns and he described one of his late season pickups, guard Gordan Giricek, strengths’ as having that “Euro Flop” thing going on.

Later in the week found me in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where residents were giddy at making the NAIA Tournament and didn’t seem to care that they lost in the first round to Cal. I guess a long stretch of underperformance will do that for you.


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