A Few NCAA Picks

BiCoastal Bias coming back to you today after a brief February hiatus. Just in time to give you my March Madness predictions, but just too late for any of them to count in your own brackets. Why? Cuz I don’t like people making money off me, plain and simple.

Biggest First Round Upset:
St. Joseph’s over Oklahoma. I know, it’s only an 11 seed, but I think this might be the year we don’t have the traditional 5-12 upset. (As I write, Georgia’s got a first half lead as a 14 seed. I’m nothing if not honest.)

Sweet Sixteen Crasher:
I’m taking Butler. I know this is a poplular pick, since they were under-seeded in anyone’s eyes, and Tennessee is a bit unpredictable. I’ve also got USC knocking off Wisconsin. (I know, I know, this has got to be the first time I’ve bashed an overrated Big 10 team.)

Final Four:
UNC, Kansas, Texas, UCLA. With UCLA beating UNC in the final. What can I say, I’m trendy.

One other important announcement that Money Mouth wanted me to make: He has Xavier as the tournament runner-up . . . They’re currently down by nine to Georgia.


2 thoughts on “A Few NCAA Picks

  1. Settle down people. Let’s all just take a deep breath after that come-from-behind Xavier Victory. I also have North Carolina, Kansas, and Texas in the final four, with KU beating Xavier. My hopes are still alive.


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