The Only Reason That Favre’s Retirement Is Wack

Brett Favre was an amazing iron man athlete who was exciting to watch. When you saw him play football you told yourself that it was exactly the way you’d have played if you wouldn’t have stopped playing after Pop Warner.

Kudos to Brett for coming back when no one thought he should. And then taking the youngest team in the NFL one play away from getting into the Superbowl. And then going out on his own terms near the top of his game.

The only thing that is wack is no talent sports bobble heads on the radio and elsewhere that are now saying that the Green Bay Packers will be a better team next season than they were this season.

Truth is, they won’t even be making the playoffs.

Mark that down as you make your little attempts at saying something outrageous to get noticed. There’s no such thing as a sports shock jock.

Go ahead and mark that down too.


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