Cassell Forcing His Way Onto Celtics

Apparently, Sam Cassell really wants to be a Celtic, and it looks like all his hard work is paying off.

This all started over a month ago, when Sam Cassell (a Los Angeles Clipper) made the public confession that he would be the perfect addition to the Boston Celtics. Of course, to most fans and media, this was taken as a ‘dis’ on the Celtics current point guard, Rajon Rondo; leading to the February 6 match up between the Clippers and Celtics looking like a showdown between these two players. This could be a chance for Cassell to prove what an upgrade he would be to his future team. In case you haven’t seen it already, check out this clip to see what happens when things don’t go exactly as Cassell plans.

Perhaps Cassell, realizing his tryout wasn’t going so well, decided on plan B: eliminate the competition – “If the Celtics don’t need me now, maybe they will after THIS.”

Whatever it was he was thinking/offering, the Celtics weren’t really biting, up until now. Cassell has missed four straight games with a wrist injury, and the Clippers have placed him on waivers. Assuming he clears waivers, all sources sound pretty confident that he will sign with the Celtics. It turned out, all he needed to do was get hurt, not get somebody else hurt. The higher ups are also saying he will not replace Rondo in the starting lineup, he will simply offer minutes late in the game when Rondo’s inexperience often shows.

Of course, this Cassell mission could really take a turn south if someone claims him off of waivers, a serious long shot, but would be hilarious if it actually happened. What’s interesting is, if the Celtics really wanted him, don’t you think they’d be willing to claim him off waivers?


2 thoughts on “Cassell Forcing His Way Onto Celtics

  1. Sam Cassell is not forcing his way onto Celtics he will be Doc’s gaurd but also forgot about PJ Brown did anyone catch it really PJ and Sam is going too be on Doc’s coaching staff look who came too the Celtics is too young men that was good at their position give it too them yes are going too retire in Boston and going be under Doc’s wing’s for atleast 5 yrs then watch what happen see PJ and Sam has that coaching career ahead of them.Now do you know who should really come back and played too get some coaching experince under someone and the right team for him Greg Anthony but really he could get one now but just need too be under someone and team would be Atlanta fans would love Greg and that the job he need is Atlanta Greg has that hard notch coaching style he need the chance and Greg when it come job then because has Blessed you with long time job just win baby win it’s coming for Greg Anthony less then 2 yrs from now


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