More Beef With Scott Boras

When Gary Sheffield opens his mouth, I celebrate.  Sheffield certainly isn’t shy about speaking his mind, even when it comes to legal matters that he is supposed to keep his mouth shut on.  Currently, Scott Boras is going after money he feels he deserves from Gary Sheffield’s three year, $39 million deal that he signed back in 2003 with the Yankees.

Gary Sheffield’s response: he’s a “bad person.”

While Sheffield cracks me up and I usually don’t side with the dude, in this case, I’m just happy to hear another player speaking out against Scott Boras.  Sheffield had fired Boras as his agent in 2003 and then negotiated his own contract with the Yankees.  Boras is seeking %5 of that $39 million.  

Even better is that Sheffield is promising to say a lot more when this case is finally put to rest. quotes him as saying that when this is all settled,

It’s going to be the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen because certain people you don’t mess with, and I guarantee you, I’m one of them.”

Well played, Sheff.  I’ll start pitching this cage match to the WWE for you, but I better get my commission.


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