Steve Nash Might Buy the Spurs

Just to freak you out a little bit more, here’s a quote from Steve Nash that was in the Guardian:

“I’m completely behind the group that’s there now and I love what’s going on at Spurs at the moment.”

Most of you (especially you Zonies) are freaking out right now and tearing your clothes at my blasphemous remarks. You are probably saying things like, “How can Nash buy the Spurs? Is he going to retire?” Some of you are taking more proactive approaches and emailing my partners with complaints and requesting my immediate dismissal. So before you get busted by your boss for abusing the company’s email policy I should let you know that he’s interested in the Spurs of the English Premier Soccer League.

That’s right, another soccer post. I’m trying to slowly convince you Frappe readers that soccer is a pretty big deal, even if it hasn’t fully caught on here in the United States.

Since most of you have already stopped reading, I’ll just complete this post letting you know that Steve Nash isn’t interested in getting financially involved with the Spurs to turn a profit, but because he’s apparently a big time fan and simply wants to help them succeed in the future. But don’t expect him to be dropping any bills in the immediate future; Nash says that this move will have to wait until he is done with his basketball career.


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