Hank Steinbrenner Points Fingers

Now that Andy Pettitte has come out and officially told reporters and congress that he used HGH in 2002 and 2004, Hank Steinbrenner is doing everything he can to get the attention off of the Yankees and onto anyone within reach. According to ESPN.com, Hank Steinbrenner came out yesterday saying that the NFL has a bigger problem with performance-enhancing drugs than baseball does. He also claims that the NBA kicked sand from the sandbox in his face first.

Okay, so maybe he didn’t say the second half of that, but he is insisting that the MLB is being picked on and that the problems they are dealing with are minor in comparison to what would happen if the NFL and the NBA were placed under a similar microscope. Too bad Steinbrenner’s only proof is based on how “big and fast” these players are from the NFL and NBA. Really, Steinbrenner? Is that your startling proof?

If we’ve learned anything from this ugly investigation into Baseball’s dark past, it’s that anyone–and I do mean anyone–could be taking steroids or HGH regardless of their size and speed. In fact some of the most unlikely suspects have been those that have fessed up to using performance-enhancing drugs while those we point our fingers at first often come up relatively clean. Just because your big and fast doesn’t mean that you are guilty of taking steroids or HGH; just ask Frank Thomas or Chone Figgins.

Hank Steinbrenner’s comments can simply be chalked up as diversion tactics, and I refuse to be tricked into looking away as the Yankee’s try to clean up the clubhouse and preserve the integrity of their championships of the late 90’s. Steinbrenner knows that somewhere along the line this is going to bring some questions regarding their knowledge of their players’ use of these performance-enhancing drugs and how legitimate those 4 championships actually were.

So keep on pointing, Steinbrenner. There’s not a chance I’m going to miss this one.


4 thoughts on “Hank Steinbrenner Points Fingers

  1. The reason the NFL implemented steroid tested 20 years ago was because THEY NEEDED IT 20 YEARS AGO!!! That is how far ahead of the PED curve the NFL is, and always will be. The is no practical test for HGH yet in existence. After steroid testing started in the NFL it players had allready moved on to the next wave of PEDs, which included HGH and designer steroids that were not originally detectable in urine tests. By the time a useful HGH test comes into existence NFL players will have allready moved on to the next wave of PEDs. Here in lies the rub. The science/players are always ahead of the game.It so totally figures that when someone with some national profile FINALLY speaks up and talks about something that no one wants to admit he’ll just be painted as an old kook. But we all know that he is right.This is not just a baseball problem. It is a sports problem. It is a societal problem.


  2. Okay, Mr. Dramatic. Calm down.The difference here is that the NFL has been trying to take care of their business regarding PEDs for quite a while, but baseball had to wait until a third party stepped in. So when Hank tries to start pointing fingers at the NFL and NBA, its rather rediculous because look at all the crap that is going on in his own backyard. It would be different if they had been trying to stop PEDs for several years and out of the blue congress decided to step in. But that’s not the case now is it?


  3. You actually believe that the NFL has really been trying to take care of their PED problem? Sure that the preception. The NFL’s “tough” testing policy didn’t seem to bother those Carolina Pather players who were using PEDs (and not just HGH, mind you) just prior to the Superbowl.Yes, MLB critically fucked itself by not acknowledging is PED problem much, much sooner. But, do really believe that all other sports are clean? I know you don’t. Do you really believe that despite having had testing in place for 20 years that the NFL, in ACTUALITY (not preception) is cleaner then MLB? I don’t.


  4. Mr. Dramatic,The point is not about whether or not the NFL is cleaner than the MLB. It’s that Hank Steinbrenner thinks they are being treated unfairly. This is just more Yankee whining because right now, two of their star players are at the center of this PED circus, and therefore, the Yankees are at the center as well. Besides, his proof that these other sports are rampid with PED is completely circumstantial and almost insulting. “Fast and Big” is not evidence of PED. Just look at all the pitchers who have been linked to HGH, steroids, etc. and are skinny bean poles. Most of them were using it for recovery time and no one expected that at all. Even though NFL (and NBA) players are likely using PEDs, the NFL has at least done as much as the possibly can until an HGH test comes out. MLB has finally caught up with them, but they are just going to have to face the heat for a little while and until this is done with. Otherwise, play on and keep looking for those online drug rings to keep showing us who the imposters are.MoneyMouthAnd oh yeah, I think the word you are looking for is <>perception<>


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