Sports Douche Of The Week

Knowledge Droppings back again with one of your favorite Frappe segments.

Today’s recipient goes to none other than our very own IntrinsicBent. Did you read this post? How do you break a promise to yourself a month and a half in? Nice resolve old dude………..sorry………you prefer “Old Skool” don’t you?

To further my point, our blog header says “A Forty Something Midwest Raised Air Force Brat Professional Living In SoCal For The Past Twenty Years.” One, I think it’s much older than “forty something”, and Two, you can’t make it more than 6 weeks? Nice integrity.

This award has nothing to do with the fact that Intrinsic basically railroaded me by getting the other “geniuses” to agree that I wasn’t pulling my weight and now I have to work from home. It’s hard submitting posts now because my parents don’t have internet and I have to post from the library. I’m not sure this title (Douche) will even make it past the library’s filter.

Anyway Intrinsic, step up. I’m giving you uncalled credit just by leaving “sports” in the title. “Big” would have been more appropriate.


One thought on “Sports Douche Of The Week

  1. Nice way to air out your frustrations online Drops.Reminder: This is not Myspace or an episode of that reality series Trailer Life.Also, were they having a sale on quotation marks at Wal-Mart?Just Wonderin’Intrinsic


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