Are You Kidding Me?

I feel like Pacino in Godfather III when he uttered the classic line “Just when I think I’m out…..they pull me back in.”

One of my goals for 2008 is going out the window in this post. I promised myself I would not get involved in writing about Roger Clemens this year or his (alleged) Performance Enhancing Drug circus that BiCoastal so brilliantly already commented on.

But then I read this article and just had to bust out my Big Chief Tablet and give you the goods.

The article talks about the likelihood of President Bush pardoning Clemens before this debacle (I didn’t say he GOT debacled Emmitt fans) ends. You can read the article, but it mentions that GHW Bush (#41) has been boys with Clemens for a while. He tracked down Roger in a duck blind (how embarassing) and wished him well on the hearings.

The article goes on to point out the clear delineation by political party of the way Clemens was handled in this week’s congressional hearings. The reporting of Clemens going on what amounted to a barnstorming circuit from Congressional office to Congressional office trying to obviously curry favor disgusted me. It begged the question “How geeked should an elected official get over an autograph?”

I’m going to skip the obvious questions which ask about a war going on, poverty, tanking economy etcetera.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the headline was the race card. I’m not waiting for someone else to play it either. I’m going all in. If this is true, how can you sit back and let Marion Jones take a sentence where she’ll be separated from her kids? If Clemens were to be pardoned, then explain to me the dogged pursuit of Barry Bonds? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree with that dogged pursuit, but if Caucasian Roger Clemens gets a pass but Jones and Bonds don’t, isn’t that a gross inequity?

Sure it is, with a glaring racial obviousness. It’s like hating Osama Bin Laden the terrorist but being ok with Timothy McVeigh’s terrorist actions.

If a widespread pardon is planned, how do you ever get the genie back in the bottle? Maybe we should just pardon, accept, and move on. Oh wait, that hasn’t been mentioned as an option. Right now we have to be transfixed on the bat barrel chucking medical wonder.

Two things that I know:

1) Spring training will slightly soften the focus on this crap.

2) Some day George W. Bush (#43) will in fact be Major League Baseball’s Commissioner.

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