Shaq Under A Microscope

All Star Weekend – Enjoy The Break

Phoenix Suns 109
Dallas Mavericks 97

Games played: 0 out of 4
Record with Shaq: 0 for 0
Record without Shaq: 3-1


2 thoughts on “Shaq Under A Microscope

  1. what happens when the records w/o shaq and w/ gasol are equal? are we truly looking at a cataclysmic event of armageddon-type results?i have to take this few seconds from my life to totally and seriously sincerely agree with joshua ^ up there – the only other blog that could come close to being as good as this one is if dan patrick and keith olbermann wrote a team blog like this one –enough sappy stuff – my thoughts aren’t important anyway!peace to the lot of ya!


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