Shaq Under A Microscope

Back again and I know what’s buggin’ ya. You already think this Shaq Traq I started is lame and you hate yourself because like an addict you gotta have it. You have to check and see the number of games that Shaq does not play in add up.

You tell yourself that you just like the funny pictures, but we both know you are compelled with the fact that I am always right.

Here’s today’s dose, you junkie. All Star break is coming up. Maybe you can kick the habit.

Don’t fool yourself.

Golden State Warriors – 120
Phoenix Suns – 118

When the Suns do have Shaq in tow (get it?), the Warriors will be the new Suns.

You read it here first.

Games played: 0 out of 3
Record with Shaq: 0 for 0
Record without Shaq: 2-1

Spit your truth

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