Miss South Carolina Redone

We’ve told you time and again that the Sports Frappe is not really your topical, flavor of the month/day, spewtal that just sends through everything sports including “Babes, beer, and scratching and spitting”. So suffice it to say that we know that an aged ex pitcher and his scorned trainer are in the news every single day. But you can go anywhere and find that.

We act as sort of a relevance filter for our little Frappies.

That being said, I cannot figure out why I am still so amused by the Miss South Carolina U.S. American, not having maps thing. But I am.

I know it’s old hat and sooo 2007, but maybe by sharing it I can let go of it.

Now what’s really funny is watching the video of Miss South Carolina (1st video) and then listening to the song created by some other sick addict (2nd video) in that order.

I hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought me. Please don’t email me asking why the dude from Saved By The Bell is in the original video or if Miss South Carolina is a giant because she towers over him. I don’t have answers, sorry.

“They don’t have maps, no they don’t have maps.”


And if you get called into your boss’ office because you draw a congregation to your cubicle……..leave the Sports Frappe out of it.


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