Shaq Under A Microscope

I don’t think Shaq and the Phoenix Suns should be allowed to get away with saying things that aren’t true.

Shaq, The Big Aristotle, is using his big eraser to change the past. Remember when he said that Steve Nash winning the MVP honors twice tainted that award? Now he says he never said that. Miraculously, he now always thought Nash was awesome. I’m sure he has someone photoshopping pictures from the past taking out his uniforms from his Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, and Miami Heat playing days, and replacing them with Suns uniforms.

The trade went down Wednesday. We’ll scratch that day and the game played. We’ll start with tonight’s game when Shaq was in………………..Florida.

Games played: 0 out of 1

Record with Shaq: 0 for 0

Record without Shaq: 1-0


One thought on “Shaq Under A Microscope

  1. Intrinsic is on a roll.My suspicion is the Dept. of Child Labor caught up with the sweat shoppe at the Sports Frappe and now the old man has to do some work!Keep it up. Anon


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