Coach Bob Knight: Quitter?

With 902 career wins and 10 games left still yet to be played this 2008 season, controversial and legendary Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight abruptly announced he was quitting and handing the reigns of the team over to his son, Pat Knight.

The announcement ended a storied career that stretched over 42 seasons. 29 of the seasons were at Indiana where he balanced success on the court and graduating players with fits of seeming rage, tossing chairs across the court, expletive filled tirade press conferences, and alleged player choking and son kicking events.

Tension and negative issues stacked themselves against Knight where all it took was for a coed on campus to address Coach Knight with a “Wattup Knight?” to send him over the edge and into a rage that led to his dismissal from his Indianic throne.

In 1976, his Indiana team went undefeated (eat that Patriots) on the way to his first NCAA championship. A feat which has not been duplicated since then. The undefeated part that is.

In 1984, he led the Olympic team to a gold medal.

Now, in his typical mysterious style, it seems the nuclear ball of almost drunk mean fire has simply…..dissipated. At least that’s what his family and extended network of supporters would lead you to believe. It wouldn’t surprise this internet reporter if he popped back to life like Mr. Smith in those Matrix movies though.

If he is done, I think somewhere Coach Woody Hayes is shedding a tear in losing an old skool coaching comrade, and then punching a player for making eye contact with him.

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