Consistency In Defeat

You can go to any sports site on the web and find out the Giants did what seemed to be the impossible in derailing the train that was the Patriots along their destination to the country that inhabits undefeated season, playoffs, and Superbowl NFL teams.

The ecosystem of that country is way out of wack, cuz there’s only Dolphins that live there.

What I want to discuss is the consistency that the Patriots showed with “accidental” poor sportsmanship.

I, like the rest of you, were bamboozled by what the Patriots pulled off this year. When QB Tom Brady got the ball in his hands with over 30 seconds in the game needing only 3 points to tie, or 4 points to win, I said to myself “Intrinsic, you know the Patriots have won this.”

So I was shocked like the monkey in that Peter Gabriel song when they could not get it done.

But I was not shocked that Patriots Coach Bill Belichick bumrushed the field with a second left to “congratulate” Giants coach Tom Coughlin and then left that same field before he could watch Eli Manning take a knee, time run out, and the confetti cannons start thudding like a high school sophomore knocking on the door of his date’s Dad house to pick her up.

You can’t tell me the dude that went ref and challenged a play where the Giants had too many men on the field didn’t know that the last second had to be played. And talk about played, he pwned poor Tom Coughlin by getting him to participate in it.

America’s sweetheart and Patriots QB Tom Brady gets off no better, as the camera went straight from Eli downing the ball to kill the last second to Brady leading his posse out through the tunnel denying Eli Manning a classy congratulation in winning the big one.

Don’t spend any time feeling bad for the New York Giants though, ‘cuz they’ll be busy relishing the fact that they are Superbowl Champs for a year and will not need any consoling after all they’ve overcome.

Tiki Barber should contact the Patriots to see if they are interested in him staging a comeback. His scene would play much better there with the Patriots’ mindset than it would with his ex teammates that will now have heavier hands……from wearing the Superbowl ring.


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