Tales From Phoenix

Even if you lived in a cave, it only took a few steps into Phoenix’ Sky Harbor Airport to realize that the desert town was about to host a very big football game.

Banners hang from anything hangable touting this weekend’s Superbowl match between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. The lofty priced gift stores offer t-shirts, pennants, mugs, hats, and just about any other logoable item complete with either team’s brand or the brand of the Superbowl.

A walk into the rental car pickup area in the rental car pavilion features convertible corvettes complete with window flags emblazoned with the big game’s information on it. The lady in the booth on the way out tells me that they have rented all cars in the general area. Good thing I thought ahead and got mine.

My travels to Phoenix began Tuesday and ended with my departure Thursday before hotels tripled their price on very scarce rooms.

The Patriots won the unofficial fan gear representation going away. I can’t really give you a percentage breakdown but fans with New England gear was about all I saw to a weak and barely trickling repping by Giants fans.

Sports talk radio was similar to what you could hear anywhere in the country where your favorite talk show hosts were at the site in Phoenix competing for time with athletes and celebrities that are there to either feel wanted again, or to pimp a product or cause.

Tony Gonzales was heard being interviewed talking about the Chiefs being just a few players away from getting to the playoffs. Good luck with that I think. Then he makes sure that I am aware that he is excited to be there with Edge shaving gel that comes in three different versions, all with alloy. Alloy I say? Awwwww, surely he meant aloe. And he came so close to me pulling the car over to grab a can at Walgreen just because he said so.

The most curious thing was that the local sports talking heads had this weird tic like quality of bending everything going on superbowl back to their Arizona Cardinals. Interviewing Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, they asked if it was weird to play on another team other than the 49ers like they always thought it was for Emmitt Smith to be a Cardinal. While interviewing rookie phenom and Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, they asked if the Cardinals ever expressed serious interest in him in last year’s draft since they really could have used his talent. The answer was no. Of course.

It was kind of a respite from the regurge of the other worn out topics. I kept listening like you do when your friends kid brother tells you a story about how rad it was that he got to be Batman for halloween. No one else is listening so you might as well do it.

Celebrity sighting at Burbank airport: Lily Tomlin! Not a young lass.


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