Super Bowl Forecast

Since Bicoastal Bias has already given you his take on the Super Bowl this weekend (no surprise, he picked the Patriots), I’m here to tell you his name should be Blind Bias and that the New York Giants will win Super Bowl XLII. Yes, you can re-read that last clause as many times as you want to, but I indeed said that the Giants will win this year’s Super Bowl.

Now, you’re probably right, I’m pretty crazy for picking the NY Giants. I mean, the Giants were a 10-6 team that only made it in as a Wild Card. They are the true definition of underdogs against the undefeated Patriots who are marking up the record books left and right with their names. But tonight, my eyes were opened to the fact that underdog’s can actually win (plus, I feel the need to back my Patriots Will Lose blog). Let me explain:

I turned on the Kansas University vs. Kansas State game looking forward to an excellent match up between these two rivals, knowing very well that KU would pull the victory as they have done for the past 24 years. Unfortunately for the undefeated Jayhawks, the Wildcats came out firing and lead for most of the game, winning by 9. This ended their miserable losing streak to the Jayhawks and rung in a non-stop victory party that will probably last until next season. As I reflected on the magnitude of this victory for the Wildcats (even though it will do little to the Jayhawks in the long run), I suddenly realized there was another match up that would be taking place in the near future that resounded with similarities.

That’s right; tonight’s NCAA match up between KU and KSU was a foreshadowing–a prophesy, if you will–for this Sunday’s NFL Championship game between the NY Giants and the New England Patriots. No one really thought deep down that the Wildcats could actually upset the Jayhawks (except for maybe Michael Beasley who guaranteed it), and no one really thinks that the Giants could possibly win this coming Sunday (even myself). But it’s for that very reason that a Giants victory is actually likely.

Just remember: you heard it here first. Giants 31, Patriots 27


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl Forecast

  1. Let me explain to you the reason why KU’s loss does not apply to the Super Bowl – (other than the obvious reason) – Bill Self was out-coached in that game, something loyal Jayhawk fans have come to expect in big games. Bill Belichick will not be out-coached on Sunday, and only a fool would think otherwise. Pats win.


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