Tiki Room

Sometimes sports and life has a sweet way of regulating itself.

The latest taste of this is the Giants of New York (via New Jersey) going to the Super Bowl to face off against the undefeated New England Patriots. Not for the usual story lines which include whether or not the Pats will end up undefeated, Tom Brady and his Johnny Cash walking boot, or spygate.

It’s sweet because it happened the first season after Tiki Barber retired from the Giants’ team. Tiki seemingly attempted to launch his broadcasting career by flaming ex teammates Michael Strahan and Eli Manning, as well as head coach Tom Coughlin.

This sweet justice makes Tiki look like the anti teammate he probably was and begs the question: In order to get to the big game……did the Giants need…………Tiki room?

I submit that the answer is yes.

Cheer up Tiki. Maybe Ronde will let you hold his ring. Hopefully you treat family better than you do ex teammates.


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