NCAA Continues To Miss It

Since we have a week off from the NFL and talking about Tom Brady’s ankle seems rather pointless at this moment, lets point our energies toward the NCAA and men’s baskeball. Today, ESPN has reported that O.J. Mayo might have violated NCAA rules by accepting a pair of courtside tickets from Carmelo Anthony. The problem with this is that the tickets were givien to Mayo for free (or reduced price) and that deal was not made available to the entire student body. The exception in this case would be if Melo was giving the tickets to Mayo as a friend, and not a representative of the Denver Nuggets. According to Mayo, that is exactly how it went down. Mayo told reporters that Melo was at Mayo’s house party on Sunday night and offered Mayo the tickets if he wanted to go.

You have to admit that for the NCAA to jump all over this issue is pretty weak-sauce. Looking past the whole argument surrounding college players and getting paid, it just seems to be in the NCAA’s best interest to simply overlook this incident and take Mayo at his word. Investigating this situation only makes the NCAA look bad and gives more fuel to NCAA players’ feelings that they belong in the NBA where they don’t have to put up with this kind of scrutiny. O.J. Mayo is certainly one of those players that could enter the draft when he wants to, so if I were the NCAA I’d be doing everything in my power to keep him around for at least another year.

Let it slide, NCAA. O.J. Mayo is good for college basketball, and I’d like to see him around for another year or two.


3 thoughts on “NCAA Continues To Miss It

  1. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I was operating under the presupposition that the 19 year old rule was common knowledge. Nonetheless, I agree: Mayo will be one and done as long as the NCAA acts like they’re his parents and he’s a high schooler. My suggestion is that the NCAA let it slide, just like America did with Michael Jackson the first time.


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