We will get the ultimate super bowl

BiCoastal Bias here, giving my conference championship game predictions: Patriots and Packers. Not only will this lead to a rematch of Super Bowl XXXI, but it gives us one of those match ups that will attract the interest of the country.

Think about it – you’ll have the New England Patriots going for the perfect season, playing the role of the dynasty/villain everyone wants to see lose; on the other side, Brett Favre, the lovable veteran who no one expected to be here and almost hung up his cleats for the last time before the season even started.

The problem? Over the next two weeks, you’ll hear different variations of the story I just capped all over the sports media. Just remember, you read it on the Frappe first.


2 thoughts on “We will get the ultimate super bowl

  1. Bummer. I too desired an ultimate superbowl. Now I have to watch Eli Manning, who may be mentally challenged, try to beat the Patriots. It’s not going to be as close as the final week of the season. Mark it.


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