Taking Fanhood To a New Level

Growing up, I always knew my dad was a bit broken hearted over the fact that I wouldn’t root for the Kansas City Chiefs. He would kindly drop hints that I should be a Chiefs fan and tell me that even though the Raiders were technically our home team, it hurt him that I would insist on rooting for those thugs over his beloved Chiefs. But no matter how often my dad tried to argue the Chiefs into my heart, I would refuse to root for them (that is until the Raiders moved up to Oakland, and Bo Jackson was long gone).

Reflecting back on this, I now realize that what my dad should have done was forget reason and force me to be a fan, like this guy did to his son up in Green Bay. According to this report, when Matthew Kowald‘s seven year-old son said he wouldn’t root for the Packer’s during Saturday’s game, Kowald resorted to taping a Packers’ jersey to him so he wouldn’t have a choice. Now that’s what I call being a fan. I can’t believe my dad never figured that out. It’s so obvious! When your son says he’s not going to root for the household team, reason isn’t going to get you anywhere. Your only option is to force him into submission and duck tape that jersey on him so he can’t get it off. Now that’s what I call being a fan.


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