Playoff Predictions: First Round

Since it’s the Friday before NFL playoffs start, I’m sure most of you are chomping at the bit to hear what BiCoastal Bias has to say about the upcoming games. As BucksInsider has pointed out, my predictions are usually gold. We’ll start with the AFC, since . . . well . . . that’s really the only conference where these games matter.

Tennessee at San Diego is the most interesting rematch in this round. San Diego beat Tennessee by 6 in Tennessee last month, which doesn’t say much. But throw in the fact that the Chargers are now convinced that Tennessee ordered a cheap hit on Shawne Merriman in that game, and it looks like San Diego should have that extra motivation necessary to top Jeff Fischer’s well-prepared squad. I’ll take San Diego. (A more interesting question – will San Diego fans actually get to watch the game? This would’ve never happened back when the Chargers were 1 and 15 and forcing the city to buy every un-purchased ticket.)

Jaguars at Steelers: This will be a slugfest, and I think the Jags should come out on top. Garrard has played as good as anybody down the stretch. I don’t think the Willie Parker injury will hurt Pittsburgh all that much, but it won’t help them either. The Jags won at Pitt by a touchdown three weeks ago, and not much has changed.

Washington at Seattle: Everything about Washington’s season makes me think they’ll be able to top Seattle – except for the fact that the Seahawks are so good at home. I’ll take Seattle, begrudgingly.

New York Football Giants at Tampa Bay: You hate to see the two worst teams in the playoffs get matched up together in the first round, but that’s exactly what we have here. This is also an interesting competition between the prideful/beat-up Giants and the rested/rusty Bucs. I’ll take the Giants, just for kicks.


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