It’s Not That Easy

I am fortunate to know successful people in various avenues of life. Some of them I am very close to. Just because you are a superstar in business/athletics/politics, does not mean you are good candidate to train and coach others to produce your same level of success.

In most cases, the better you are, the harder a task it is to have the patience to break down the task from the macro into tiny training morsels and repetitively instill it into others. It is difficult to teach someone the intrinsic drive, insight, focus, and perservance that after years of effort have become almost second nature to you.

There are examples of athletes that turned a career as a player into a successful coaching career. But for every athlete that has turned that corner successfully, I can give you at least 3 that lost it at the turn.

The better you were as a player usually proportionately lowers your chances of success.


What makes Scottie Pippen think he can just grab the clipboard and lead the Chicago Bulls to the playoffs?

The bovine faithful look to be clamoring for him to take the reins, but I ask again: What makes Scottie Pippen think he can just grab the clipboard and the lead the Chicago Bulls to the playoffs?

In his own words in the article he says, “What’s my disadvantage?” Pippen asked. “No NBA coaching experience? [Scott] Skiles’ record with the Bulls wasn’t that great. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do what you’ve done your whole life.”

In regards to playing with Michael Jordan, he had this to say in the article: “With a guy who loved to touch it and shoot all the time, I was able to keep him under control,” Pippen said, referring, of course, to Michael Jordan. He is quoted further down in the article as saying “How many titles did Jordan win without me?”

Then he seems to ramble towards the race card by saying there’s a good old boys network and asks “What’s the key to this good ol’ boy system they have?” he asked. “You’ve got to go to Europe and coach two years? Sit next to someone for a year?

That would be a good start.


3 thoughts on “It’s Not That Easy

  1. I want to hear your theory again on how Michigan would get Shellacked against Flordia? Can you tell me that again? Please please I’m begging you to tell me why the SEC is so much superior again. I want to hear it. This just shows how stupid your dumb hater predictions really are. Go Bucks!


  2. I’m offended. Intrinsic Bent has never said anything about the SEC vs. Big Ten. That was all ME!Yes, Michigan beat Florida, so I was wrong there, but Tennessee beat Wisconsin. I guess it comes down to Ohio State vs. LSU for the tiebreaker!


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