15 and 0, but what about the real story?

The Patriots are 15 and 0. You’d think everyone would want to discuss their place in history, their chances against the Giants and any other postseason foes. Instead, the question posed to every commentator is, “Does going undefeated mean anything to this team?”

This is the ultimate testament to Belichick’s players buying into his system. The press is actually unsure of whether or not this team wants to go undefeated. Guess what, folks, it means something. And to all those commentators who claimed that you have to rest your stars once your playoff position is locked up, Belichick is in the process of proving you wrong.

To all you old-school-true-gamers out there, you oughta love this team. They don’t mail it in at the end of the season for fear of getting injured, and they play hard every week no matter the opponent. So when the Cowboys and Colts tank this Sunday because Romo and Manning barely see the field, you should be shaking your heads in disgust, thinking, “I wish there were more Belichicks in this league.”


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