Curt Schilling Bugs Me

Since the Mitchell report, we’ve had plenty of players coming forward and speaking out.  They’ve talked about their own situations and commented on their fellow players who have been named or spoken out.  And of course, Curt Schilling is no different.  But for some reason, more than any other player, Curt Schilling bugs me.


Schilling’s most recent comments have been on a variety of players that were named, most notably Roger Clemens.  Essentially, Schilling said Clemens should step up to the plate and speak out if he didn’t take steroids, HGH, or whatever it was, or he should be stripped of his records and Cy Young Awards.  Like it’s that easy.  
Look, I admire Schilling because he seems pretty confident that he doesn’t have anything in his closet to hide.  I have to assume that if a player comes out criticizing and calling for another players awards because of performance enhancing drugs then he’s never touched the stuff himself.  But there is a certain level of arrogance and public shame that seems unnecessary in these situations.  And this isn’t even the first time Schilling has come out with a bully mentality this year.  If you remember, it wasn’t very long ago that Schilling was challenging reporters to test his “bloody sock” to see if the blood was real, putting up a million dollars cash to a charity of their choice if it wasn’t.  The catch, of course, was they had to put up a million to give to his charity if it really was blood.  Unfortunately, writer’s don’t have that type of money lying around and so of course no one stepped up to challenge the man.  The Frappe tried to raise the money, but only came up with 74 dollars and 28 cents.  
All this has me thinking: maybe Schilling does have something to hide.  It’s like when I play poker with the Frappe Team and Knowledge Droppings goes all in on the river when it’s obvious the river gave him nothing.  It’s an immediate tell that Kid Droppings has got squat and I call every time.  I have to wonder if both of these “all in” moves by Schilling are bluffs as well.  The only difference is that he’s playing with such high stakes that no one is willing to call.  Anyone know a millionaire interested in publicity?  It’ll go to a good cause…   

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