The Mitchell Report: We would’ve been so much better off without it

Seriously. Right now, I am hating the Mitchell Report. Clearly, we are in for one confession/denial for every name named. And we can’t believe either of them.

The confessions are all following the template that Andy Pettite has set forward: I used HGH, but it was only for [short period of time], and only to recover from an injury. I realized it was not consistent with my moral character, and so I stopped using immediately.

As if for some reason using HGH for a purpose other than to hit homeruns makes it okay. We’ve yet to see precisely what shape the denials will come in, but I’m sure Roger Clemens will lead the way soon enough.

This Mitchell Report has done nothing good. It’s an incomplete list of names, most of whom are no longer in baseball and not headed for the Hall of Fame, rendering them completely irrelevant. Other than a few checks, all of the evidence is based upon the testimony of a couple clubhouse junkies, which I’m sure is based upon truth, but isn’t enough to convict anyone.

All this is to say, we would’ve been better off without this stupid report. And who commissioned it? Bud Selig. Chalk another one up for baseball’s commissioner.


One thought on “The Mitchell Report: We would’ve been so much better off without it

  1. Strange that I was having a similar “morality” thought concerning all of these confessions that we are hearing. Why would any player take HGH or whatever once or twice and then say, “I just didn’t feel right about it so I stopped.” Come on, give me a break. Everyone knows you use for a year, you see the results and side effects, and then you decide. Stop giving me this “hit it and quit it” confession. It’s bull.


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