The Mitchell Report

The bombshell landed today and the finger pointing is going crazy right now.  ESPN right now is reporting that Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Barry Bonds, Eric Gagne, and Miguel Tejada have been mentioned in the Mitchell Report.  While I wasn’t that hyped to see and hear about who did what, our guest columnist SubversiveTheory certainly was.  Here is a portion of an email I received from ST this morning:

“I told you Clemens was a juicer!  I told you!  It was right in front of everyone and no one wanted to connect the dots except me.  No one is safe from steroid accusations anymore, and this proves it…”

Unfortunately, it appears that SubversiveTheory was right about Roger Clemens, but I don’t know if that means no one is safe from steroid allegations any longer.  While there are plenty of players that have taken steroids and HGH and who knows what else (according to this report), there are still plenty of players that haven’t, and baseball is taking steps and will continue to take steps to help clean up MLB clubhouses.  Sure, performance enhancing drugs will probably never go away, but at least we know that they will probably be less prevalent.
I think what is most interesting about the fallout of this report is what it means for Barry Bonds and the discussion of asterisks and the Hall of Fame.  While this is a pretty dark day for baseball, you have to think that Barry Bonds might consider this the best of his life.  You see, it was rather easy to place a heavy hand on Bonds since no one likes him as a person, but people do tend to hold Clemens, one of the greatest pitchers of all time, with at least some level of respect.  So if you ban Bonds from the hall of fame and remove (or at least asterisk) his face from the record books, then you have to do the same for Roger Clemens and every other player whose guilty of doing the same because the precedent has been set.  
Yeah, I wish Mitchel wouldn’t have opened his mouth either.

4 thoughts on “The Mitchell Report

  1. Oh Mouth you are so prescient! There are 3 things I find most revealing in this report. First is that involvement appears to have gone back 20 years or so, with the presence of Joiner etc.Second, is that Pitchers were so prevalent as users. This was shocking to me, perhaps I have been too hard on Bonds, Sosa and McGuire.Third; Steroids and or HGH isn’t the miracle drugs I thought, How many of those users are anonymous, except for the hard core Aficionado?Unclar


  2. Bicoastal sounds eerily like Ms. South Carolina when he says, “This should affect the way we think about the records and such.”If you change “the records” to <>“The Iraq”<> he’s a total doppelganger.That is, if he grew his hair out…………


  3. It’s going to be really annoying now that the report is criticized for having too few sources and for the sources being jail house snitches. If anyone would have been allowed to or wanted to talk with the investigators then there’d be more sources. What’s worse, teaching kids that drugs belong in fair competition or teaching them to create complex systems to hide the truth?


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