Patriots: Perfect No More?

Up until Sunday night, I was all but convinced that the Patriots were headed to a 19-0 season. I wasn’t convinced because of their amazingly lethal offense, or their ability to play strong in the fourth quarter. I was convinced because of their ignorance. The Patriots and their fearless players had me severely doubting over the past 14 weeks whether they even had the words perfection and undefeated in their vocabulary. I saw an interview last week with Wes Welker in which Wes point blank told the reporter he had never thought about going 19-0 in a season, and simply gave a puzzled look when asked if he thought it was possible for him and his team to do it this year. His defiance had me wondering if he even knew how the NFL determined who wins and loses at the end of the day. Who knows, maybe Wes really doesn’t know what a touchdown is and only knows to stop because he hears a whistle.  Or maybe he is actually as dumb as his mustache makes him look.

Anyway, the Patriots had been flawless in denying any thoughts of perfection until last night, when Ty Warren opened his big mouth.  This only began the snowball effect because offensive tackle Matt “The Lumberjack” Light admitted that going undefeated would be a pretty cool thing on PTI yesterday.  Now because of these two idiots the jinx has been set, and Patriots are going to lose. Maybe not this week, or next, but they will lose and fall short of that glorious perfection. I know, it’s tragic and sad, but the wheels have been put into motion and there is no stopping them.  I guess there is always next year, Pats fans.


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