Where Have All The Big Ten Fans Gone?

I can’t stand it any longer.

The obvious 800 pound gorilla in this blog that everyone is ignoring is Big 10 Fan.

I am not coming to Double B’s (BiCoastal Bias’) defense, ‘cuz frankly he doesn’t need me to fight his fights.

This is really a helping hand to you Big 10 Honks that were all over the comment boards mere weeks ago and then disappeared when Ohio State got smashed.

Have some self respect. It’s embarrassing.

You were all over your conference’s jock, making crazy comparisons, writing what appeared to be limericks, selling t-shirts, and begging us to post on your blog.

I get that you were bored in your JC dorm room (trailer), did a Google blog search, found BiCoastal’s posts, and saw what you always wanted to be. A sports blog journalist with solid skills and insight. Knowing you couldn’t post, you said, “Hmmm, I’m gonna try to gravy train by commenting and spreading my ill written disease and sell my “products” that I’m making by printing iron ons off my Radio Shack PC.”

You gotta stand up to the test and not disappear when you get popped in the jaw.

Again, I’m not defending BiCoastal. I get weary of his PAC 10 jive as well, but I was loving the lively debate back and forth. It was like watching your older cousin (BiCoastal) hold your little brother (Big 10 athletic supporters) at arm’s length while he flails his arms, gets frustrated, and starts bawling before he goes narcing to Uncle Larry.

But what do I know? I’m just from the Big 12, and all we have is scoreboard.

Hillbillies rule.


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