Don’t Go Away Mad………..

I was bent when I read this account of the NFL skipping the National Anthem last night in the yawnfest that was the bogged down (literally) Monday Night Football game. This matchup featured the Pittsburgh Steelers and the hapless Miami Dolphins in Pittsburgh and ended in the last seconds with a field goal by the Steelers allowing for a one sided slaughter final score of 3-0.

Forget that the game stunk, the field was a swampland, the commentator team is hideous, that lightning had hit the field, the game had already been delayed, and that all the talk about a flex schedule still did not protect us from watching a winless team on what used to be the marquis night of professional football.

Beyond the tradition of all 4 major sports starting games with the National Anthem, we also are still knee deep in war with our nation’s sons and daughters in harm’s way. We can’t take 5 minutes to honor our country?

I read later in the article that the singer they scheduled was former Motley Crue lead man Vince Neil.

Then I understood.

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