Advice for NCAAF Fans

I’ve got some advice for all of you angry college football fans: this bowl season, just pretend the BCS doesn’t exist. Seriously, I think this might help all of us get through the holidays.

Think about it, if West Virginia ends up playing Mizzou in the Allstate BCS National Championship Game, it won’t be that hard to imagine in your mind that it’s just another random bowl game. And what an interesting bowl game it will be, when viewed as just another playoff game.

This shouldn’t be that hard to do for you old-timers out there who are used to the old bowl system. According to current projections, there will be lots of other classic bowl matchups to help distract us: USC vs. Ohio State in the Rose Bowl (if Mizzou and W.V. both win this weekend, which seem terribly unlikely, but I’m not quite prepared for that potential reality). How about watching Hawaii knock off the SEC powerhouse in the Sugar Bowl, just to put one more nail in the coffin that the BCS is slowly being buried in.

Actually, come to think of it, the only way to save this BCS championship game is to put Hawaii in it. No matter the match up we end up with, the winner will not be embraced by the sports world who is sick and tired of lame system. However, if Hawaii goes up against another big conference winner and wins, at least we’ll have an undefeated national champion, and that would give us something to talk about. If Hawaii loses, well, it’s not like the BCS could do worse than what we’re headed for now.


6 thoughts on “Advice for NCAAF Fans

  1. I totally agree about the rainbows – why keep w/l records if a stupid system of computer points decides who is best? not much different from the vote system “old timey” style – the new ad approach for the bcs championship (if indeed the tigers can hold on against ou)the toothless, redneck, hillbilly bowl – how many of your teammates and opponents are you related to?


  2. my in-laws are west virginia born and raised – their family tree looks like a centipede — little shoots off one long branch!hillbillies luv appalachian and ozark mtns. the remnants went dust-bowling! no offense to the sooner flash-bent – really!


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