It turns out, the NFL is played by Men, not Babies

Attention world of sports: enough with the crying over the Patriots running up the score. NFL players and coaches should be man enough to take it, and it appears that they are. With the exception of the Washington Redskins’ secondary, we haven’t heard any opposing players or coaches complain about the high-scoring. On the other hand, the sports media all want to turn this sort of behavior into a show of disrespect for the game.

Listen, the NFL isn’t a tee-ball game. They can handle it.


2 thoughts on “It turns out, the NFL is played by Men, not Babies

  1. The reason for NFL personnel not whining and crying about the classless Bill running it up is they all know that he used to coach the Browns, and eventually they all will get their shot to provide some payback – it happens at every level, and competition is what it is – and most often what rolls up a hill must come back down!This is not an attempt to discredit bicoastal or his beloved Pats, but an observation from a guy who spent more than half of a college baseball career as a loser, but enjoyed rollin’ it up on a few teams as a senior!


  2. I think we’re basically agreed (with the exception of calling the great Bill a name that doesn’t fit). Of course the other teams are gonna be itching to get their payback, which is why they’re not whining about it. Get even on the field; not by calling a superior team “classless.”


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