Goodbye, Ohio State

Ohio State lost to Illinois today, practically ending their national championship hopes. This leads us that much closer to one of the alternative possibilities I mentioned last week. Namely, LSU meeting Oregon in the title bout, with the Kansas Jayhawks still a potential party crasher, (they’re beating Oklahoma State as I write this). I don’t even need to mention how happy I am about this progression.

I want to clarify something about the discussion we had on this blog regarding the Big 10. All I’m saying is that this is a down year for the Big 10. It seems clear that for this particular year, that there are better teams (and more of them) in the Pac 10 and the SEC. I’m not saying this is a fact that stretches back further than last season. It’s just the ebb and flow of college football, and for the last two seasons, it appears that the Big 10 has been down.

So as Oregon and LSU gear up to win their conferences and championship, all eyes will be on the Jayhawks. Will they make it through the gauntlet of Mizzou and Oklahoma? Or will they even get there, playing Iowa State next week?


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