Boston College Loses

With Boston College’s first loss last night, we are well on our way toward a repeat national championship game of last year. When B.C. was still undefeated, it looked like we were heading for a title match between two undefeated teams from very weak conferences, a far from preferable end to a great college football season. Now that B.C. is out, LSU is back in the hotseat; and if both teams win out, January’s championship will once again feature an undefeated Ohio State team getting trampled by a one-loss power house out of the SEC. The only difference is in the name, replacing Florida with LSU.

Of course, many things could happen between now and then to change the title ticket, we’ll start with the possibilities I would welcome. I would love to see an Ohio State defeat between now and the end of the regular season. The likely candidate to end Ohio State’s undefeated run would be Michigan. Assuming both LSU and Oregon win out, our title match would then pit the two winners of this season’s best conferences: the SEC and the Pac-10. This is my ideal situation,
I can’t think of a better championship match up.

Here’s a different possibility that I haven’t heard anyone else kick around yet: what if the Kansas Jayhawks go on to beat Missouri AND Oklahoma to win the Big 12 conference and finish the season undefeated? If a BCS conference team finishes the season undefeated, don’t you have to put them in the title game, especially if they beat two top 10 teams to get there? Granted, this still seems totally unlikely, and I’m not even sure if the BCS polls would let Kansas leapfrog
LSU to get to the number 2 slot, but let’s play out the scenario anyway. If the championship game ends up between Ohio State and Kansas, we are in a no win situation. If Ohio State wins, we will have a champion team who most will agree was never really tested. If Kansas wins . . . well . . . I’m not sure that the sporting community is prepared for a world in which the Kansas Jayhawks are the national college football champions.


12 thoughts on “Boston College Loses

  1. Come on guy, do we really have to keep hearing about how the SEC is supreme over the Big Ten? How come every time an SEC school beats another it is because they are so good, but when a Big Ten school beats themselves it’s because they suck? Don’t you remember what happened last year when the Big Ten & SEC faced off in the bowl games? I know, I know, Florida beat OSU because Ohio State had well, had a two month layoff, and we will give you that convincing win. But how did the overall Big 10 vs SEC pan out in the bowl games, If I remember right it was Big ten 2 SEC 1. And Ohio State did play a PAC-10 school and kicked the crap out of them worse than you care to give them credit for. That same Pac 10 school, Washington, only lossed to USC by 7 points. And they beat Stanford convincingly, and if you remember Stanford beat USC. So come on, do we really have to hear your Big 10 hating comments? Show us some respect, I remember three weeks ago everyone was up in arms about how USF beat two top 10 teams and they were only 2nd, look what happened to them! Then we had to hear about how superior Kentucky was since they were winning, then look what happened to them. LSU doesn’t impress me because they let any SEC school come in and put up 40 some points. Defense is not even in their vocabulary. Anyway, thanks for getting me fired up, and I invite you to put your blog on our website at, and let buckeye nation give you their thoughts. Thanks 🙂


  2. Your comparison of last year’s bowl matchups is severely lacking one thing: USC’s pounding of Michigan. It’s stupid to compare scores of how close Washington came to USC when the fact is, when the Big 10’s best go up against the best of the Pac-10 or the SEC, they lose. The fact is, SEC teams go up against top caliber teams every single week, and Big 10 teams don’t. By the way, don’t lump me in with those who were on the USF and Kentucky bandwagon. I put little stock in the early polls being right. And I’ll even say this: as long as OSU stays undefeated, they deserve their number one ranking . . . but they will still get shellacked by LSU when the time comes.


  3. Sure, Florida smoked OSU last year, but that was not the Ohio State team that played all year- they got fat, lazy, and disinterested….a coaching failure, no doubt, but not a giant talent disparity like you think.I don’t see the evidence that SEC schools play “top caliber” every week, I see a bunch of good teams, with maybe 1 standout team.Where is your evidence that the SEC is superior? Is it in the 5-5 record out of conference against BCS conference teams?Or, is it the fact that the SEC has 11 teams either bowl eligible or needing 1 win to get bowl eligible…..because the Big Ten has 10 teams like that- and 11/12 compared to 10/11 is not a significant difference, IMO.


  4. Clearly you Big 10 apologists are so used to being on the defensive that you assume all Big 10 haters are saying the same thing.I happen to think that the Big 10’s weaknesses are not limited to talent disparity, they stretch all the way to coaching failures, as you put it.There’s no real way to argue this other than to ask, Are you guys really watching the games? It seems clear to me that the upper half of the teams in the SEC could beat any other team in the nation on any given Saturday. I can’t say the same thing about the Big 10. And I’m not the only one, what with 7 SEC teams currently making the BCS top 25.


  5. Montana Mike here, Can’t stay out of this one. Am always amazed at the great fandom as they ride the natural ebb & flow of wins and losses. Ohio State as a good leading program.But all good programs fall into mediocrity from time to time. That is always when the fans drag out the old “competitive conference and schedule” argument. All big conferences face the same. Big 10 tries to excuse the Indiana’s, Iowa’s, Minnesota’s and even Michigan and Michigan State. While Nebraska & Oklahoma had to excuse the doormats. The fact is nearly all the conferences have them. Through it all I do have to hand it to the Big 10 and especially Ohio State. Where can I get some of those model car decals for my kids helmets? and Someone once told me they get a decal everytime they make it to class. Is that right?Montana Mike


  6. You said : when the Big 10’s best go up against the best of the Pac-10 or the SEC, they lose. Here are the facts:2006 SEC vs Big 10 BowlsPSU 20 Tenn 10Wisc 17 Ark 14UF 41 OSU 14BIG TEN WINS 2006 (2-1)!2005Wisc 24 Aub 10UF 31 Iowa 24A TIE (1-1)2004Iowa 30 LSU 25Minn 20 Bama 16UGA 24 Wisc 21Big Ten Wins 2004 2-1!2003Iowa 37 UF 17UGA 34 PUR 27AUB 28 Wisc 14SEC wins 2003 2-1(A Rarity)2002Mich 38 Fla 30AUB 13 PSU 9Minn 29 Ark 14Big Ten Wins 2002 2-1!!!! Over the last 5 years Big 10 has: 8 WinsSEC 6 WinsI will again remind you what you said: “when the Big 10’s best go up against the best of the Pac-10 or the SEC, they lose.” A funny statistic to note for you is this: The frequent Big 10 “cellar dweller” Minnesota has a (2-0) record. Minn 20 Bama 16Minn 29 Ark 14Looks to me like the mighty SEC has gotten the better of the Big 10 a whopping 1 time over the last 5 years. A total tally in favor of the Big 10 at 8-6. Sure, not a “dominant” figure. But I would bet most people would be stunned to see the Big 10 has any edge at all based on what we constantly here in the media.


  7. I said when “the best” go against each other, thus I am disregarding bowl games including teams like Minnesota, whom you referred to as a “cellar dweller.” Clearly not every team that makes a bowl game should be considered one of the best of the conference, not in this era of college football.You lose, just like OSU will.


  8. First of all, I think you meant “You’re” instead of “Your.” But second of all, if you think the best teams go to bowl games, then you must be stuck in the ’80s, and being stuck in the past would explain why you still think the Big 10 is a premier conference.


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