The Country That Is Scott Boras

Scott Boras will be negotiating huge numbers this baseball offseason that will rival the GNP for some developing nations.

Reportedly, the Yankees have been told that A-Rod is still available to them for $350 million dollars (say it like Dr. Evil and that’s a hilarious line).

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports has produced a top 10 list of probable suitors (according to him) for A-Rod’s services. The top 2 are the L.A. teams. Trust me though, the McCourts (Dodgers owners) have finished their holiday shopping by picking up new Manager Joe Torre. I laugh at the people that assume that A-Rod will blindly flock to the Dodgers because Torre is there. Don’t you think Rodriguez remembers Torre bailing out on him in that dismal 2006 season? And batting him 9th at one point? That’s just poor journalism. Or lazy.

I also laughed at Boras’ attempt at stirring the pot this week when he whined that he didn’t know why it was ok for other Yankees to be free agents and still have the Yankee organization deal with them.

I’ll take this one: Scott, it’s because they (Yanks) said all season that if he (A-Rod) opted out they would not be interested in doing a deal. The simple reason is a very unsimple 18 million reasons. As in 18 million dollar reasons. That’s the amount of money the Texas Rangers would still have had to pay if he accepted an extension without opting out for free agency. It stemmed from the trade the Yanks made to get Rodriguez in 2004 from the Texas Rangers.

But A-Rod is not the only free agent that Boras is peddling this off season. Including Rodriguez, he has no fewer that 12 free agents that include Andruw Jones, Kyle Lohse, and Eric Gagne.

The pitch I’d love to hear from Boras is the one marketing Eric Gagne.


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