Joe Torre New Dodgers Skipper?

That’s what Peter Abraham is reporting on his LoHud (Lower Hudson) old media blog.

Reports have been swirling that this season’s Dodgers Manager Grady Little has his head on the chopping block since the end of season. Grady lost control of his team as they played their way out of the playoffs in a deep nosedive fashion.

Abraham’s article also states that Torre is interested in bringing along Yankees coaches Kevin Long and Don Mattingly. Mattingly was recently told he was no longer in the running for the Yanks’ Manager job.

Dodgers’ GM Ned Colletti has had no comment as of this writing. He is doing one of two things at the moment:

1) Giggling his brains out because he pulled of this coup, hired Torre, and prolonged his own position as GM with the Dodgers.


2) Has photoshopped a Dodger cap on Torres dome and is staring at it while he hopes to hear sports talking heads drop the rumor he hired Torre. Why? Fantasy that he could pull off a deal of that magnitude.

If the Dodgers did hire Torre, are they still in the hunt for A-Rod?

Joe Torre disavowed the validity of the rumor this evening on an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.


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