An Unexpected World Series

Let’s be honest: none of us here at the Frappe saw a Rockies, Red Sox World Series, and neither did you.  We were too busy picking the Angels and the Mets to even consider a perennial loser like the Rockies making the playoffs.  But, here we are, so let’s get psyched.

I’ve already sounded off about how the NL might have the advantage this year in the World Series simply because they were playing with the most intensity.  However, the Rockies are coming off a 9 day stretch which is similar to how the Tigers had a large break before last years World Series before getting worked by the Cardinals.  Based on precedent, I have a feeling the Rockies momentum has now cooled in the snow and the Red Sox, who have just come back from a 3-1 game deficit, has had less time to relax and would be the most likely candidate to keep rolling through the rest of the postseason.  
My prediction:  we see the strangest world series yet as games extend into November and the Rockies end up taking the Red Sox in Fenway in Game 7.    
On another note, does anyone else think it’s strange that Dane Cook is doing the promos for the postseason this year?  Seriously, Dane Cook?  Really?  Since when is Dane Cook a baseball fanatic that has any weight in convincing the public to watch the postseason?  After about 2 of these, I was pretty sick of hearing this self-promoter infringe on America’s Pastime.  Thank goodness Saturday Night Live picked up on how ridiculous this combination is.

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