I have to tell you that I think things are funny.

I often see humor in things that others don’t. I often say things that are hilarious and others don’t laugh.

I see humor in the folds and crevasses of life. It’s the part of life where I’m completely selfish. If I think it’s funny………….it’s funny. And it has gotten me in trouble. Laughing at inappropriate times has earned me the title of clown…………….and more negative labels. If that’s possible.

With that out of the way, you may or may not think the following is funny…………but it is.

How about Alex Rodriguez wanting to buy the Cubs? Yep, supposedly that’s what he said last week. Nice focus on the task ahead of you. You know the task I’m speaking of, the playoffs that you were about to get rolled in?

Of course it was instantly denied which in this day and age of spin, pretty much says it was true.

Maybe if your trash liners are made of 5 dollar bills you have to amuse yourself by playing real life Monopoly.

It went something like this “Yeah Scott (as in Boras, A Rod’s agent), I hear Mark Cuban wants to buy the Cubs. I can’t let him do that ‘cuz that will give him two blue sports properties and then he’ll put hotels on them and I’ll have to pay rent”.

It would be like Reggie Bush 2 years ago during his last year at USC declaring that he was going to buy TCU.

If you don’t see the humor in all that……….too bad.

Spit your truth

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