An Interesting Postseason

First things first:  yes, the Money Mouth is back in action.  Now pick your jaws off your keyboard, give a high five to your coworker, and let’s get down the business.

Last year I came out very strongly making sure everyone knew that the NL didn’t stand a chance in the postseason.  I had pure, hard-core facts to back me up and fence-straddling politicians agreeing with me.  It was that obvious.  And now that we are in another postseason in which the AL is once again the dominant league, I’m tempted to make another obvious forecast that it doesn’t matter who ends up in the World Series because the American League team will win.  
Well, I’m not so ready to make that forecast because the NL Championship Series is going to be a battle of the west as the Rockies face off against the Diamondbacks.  Does anyone else feel that is just weird?  I mean, honestly.  The Rockies were nowhere on the radar at the beginning of the season, and unless you were IntrinsicBent, neither were the Diamondbacks.  But the scary thing is that whenever you have a team that “doesn’t belong” in postseason play, they usually make a big splash.
Just to prove my point, lets reflect back on the 2002 Angels, 2003 Marlins, the 2004 Red Sox (this is obviously debatable), and the 2006 Cardinals.   While I would highly favor the Cleveland Indians over both the Rockies and the Diamondbacks on paper, I’m not so confident this year.  
In fact, I’m willing to lay this one in print:  The NL will win the Worlds Series this year.  Now let’s just hope I’m wrong and the AL redeems itself after last year’s pitiful performance.  
Money Out.

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