The End (of the regular season)

Last night’s tie-breaker marked the end of the regular season. The Rockies won in an incredible 13 inning nail biter that is an instant classic in the Rockies’ relatively young franchise.

With that it’s time for BiCoastal Bias to make his MVP vote public. I’ll stick to the races that count, beginning with the NL MVP: Matt Holliday. With his team’s extra game, he secured his spot as the NL batting champion and hits leader, took over the NL RBI lead, and finished third in runs scored and fourth in homeruns. Jimmy Rollins is a close second, but as you know from Morneau’s MVP performance last year, it all comes down to run production. In “runs created” (runs scored + RBI – HR), Matt Holliday led Rollins 221 to 203.

As for the AL Cy Young, a great case can be made for a multitude of candidates. For me, it comes down to Josh Beckett or C.C. Sabathia. I predict that Beckett gets a lot of votes for the fact that he is the only pitcher this season to hit the 20 win mark. This is the only stat in which he has an edge over Sabathia, as Sabathia finished 19-7, with a better ERA, not to mention that Sabathia pitched in 40 more innings than Beckett, for an Indians team that depended on their two aces. My vote goes to Sabathia.

As for the rest of the awards: A-Rod, Peavy, Pedroia, and Braun. I don’t think these are all that arguable. (Although, after last night, Peavy might be looking at a bad reputation for terrible big game performances.)


2 thoughts on “The End (of the regular season)

  1. while braun had a great season, his team faded down the stretch. fielder was THE mvp until that collapse. if choices are made strictly on mathmatical equations, then braun is superior to tulowitski – if you use the intangibles like defense and leadership, as well as team success, then there is a strong argument for the brainy rockies shortstop over brewers braun — couldn’t resist!you mentioned it, but peavy and hoffman have caught willie wilson’s dreaded illness – loss of talent on the biggest stage! i agree


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