Up In Smoke

You’re Michael Vick and you’ve just been through what was probably the worst period in your life. In fact, it’s not worst period past tense, ‘cuz you’re still in the fire storm.

So what do you do? Read up on the law in the case? Go talk things over with family? Workout?

Naw…………………evidently you hit the bong.

It is very hard to see someone that was blessed with crazy talent not have anyone around him that will tell him straight that he needs to man up and do the right thing. Consistently.

Instead he surrounds himself with barnacles and other hangers on that have great ideas like, “hey, let’s start a dog fighting league and smoke pot.” Oh yeah, and roll over on him faster than Roseanne on the last long john in the pastry box.

With new NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at the helm, this could be the end of what very well could have ended up being a Hall Of Fame career. Or maybe a Superbowl champion career. Who knows? Most likely he will now end up in Canadian football at best. He and Ricky Williams can then retire and do movies posing as a hispanic from east LA and a half chinese cruising around in different mind altering situations.

Now the judge is bent at him in his legal case as well.

No word on whether Guitar Hero was involved in this incident.


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